I must first begin with thanking you all for your support and loyalty through the journey so far, I am forever grateful!

What an amazing year it has been, even though while I write this we haven't officially launched our brand/website. However, we are regularly posting off products and our social media platforms are really taking off, instagram especially! With only a few months left of 2019 I am already so excited for the Uhlan journey in 2020.

It has been an incredible year business wise but I must admit at times I felt I was way above my head, juggling a full time job, developing Uhlan and creating this website on my own but it has all allowed me to turn my hand to many new jobs, which at times I remember thinking I was incapable of. 

The Uhlan journey generally began when my lovely little event horse got injured in the field, she unfortunately got caught up in the fencing and has had the whole summer off recovering, as much as I was heart broken it happened as she means the world to me, I must actually have her to thank for this journey. I have always wanted to design clothing and horse wear, I'm always analysing the current brands out there, looking at what could be improved, what works, and what doesn't. However, the majority of products out there come with a hefty price tag. During the time my horse got injured, I found I had more time for myself and I was able to pursue a dream, I began drawing up clothing and the journey from concept to reality began. It was so rewarding seeing drawings turn into into real products, I am so passionate and really believe in the brand, I ride everyday and compete regularly so I am fully aware of what works best, ensuring the products are stylish, yet practical but also comfortable. 

I'm very critical and constantly looking to improve on everything but on top of that, I really suffer with self doubts and still only family and not many close friends actually know I am doing this. However, I know deep down if you are passionate and work hard you can make any dream work! 

Thank you all for your support, it means so much to me and I can't thank you all enough!

Lots of love,

Ashleigh x 


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