At Uhlan, we believe in

Uhlan; an international equestrian clothing and horse wear brand based in the UK, inspired by riders and professionals involved in the sport. We take pride in creating stylish, affordable equestrian clothing and horse wear, offering the newest innovation to the sport, using the best technical fabrics, keeping performance of both horse and rider in mind.

Designed by riders, for riders. We know exactly what riders and professionals need to optimise their performance without compromising on style. We continually look for ways to upgrade our products, focusing on practicality, style and performance.

INNOVATION - We have a goal of supplying the highest quality, practical, affordable equestrian clothing and horse wear. 

DEDICATION - We believe in consistency, effort, and drive. We know with focus and determination you can achieve many things.  

PASSION - We supply products that are suitable for all equestrian disciplines or sporting activities. 

COURAGE - Our name is inspired by the Uhlan cavalry regiments of the European armies. Renowned for their high standards of horsemanship their horses were elegant, versatile and full of courage. Uhlan translates into 'brave warriors', we believe this name encapsulates the ethos of all things equine.